Saturday, January 05, 2013

Query: What Do You Want From Your News Media?

Dear Botetourt County News Blog Reader:

Where to go from here? The Botetourt County News Blog is, as far as this writer knows, the only place to get links to the news from all sources (TV, newspapers, even radio) so that you may get a better, more rounded view of a news story. Let's face it, there are some pretty inflammatory stories with pointed points of view out there. Sometimes it is hard to know what is fact and what is opinion. At least when one reads several stories about the same topic, it becomes a little clearer as to what is fact (in theory, anyway).

The New Year has been very quiet as far as real news, and there has been little to post (The Botetourt News Blog does not repost links back to other blogs, so generally we do not link back to the community journalists blogs at the local daily paper).

If you're still reading, here are some questions for you:

Should the Botetourt County News Blog continue? This is done for no compensation (nothing from the ads, truly). It's a labor of love as this writer loves Botetourt.

What would you like to see out of news media that covers Botetourt County? What is missing? What do you want more of, or less of?

Please feel free to leave a comment or you may write

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Leonora said...

I stop by here to read the news. I don't subscribe to any newspapers but I do like to know what's going on in Botetourt County. Once in a while I pick up the Fincastle Herald if I'm at the post office and we get the Botetourt View in the mail.I am interested in supporting our local businesses, knowing what events are upcoming, sheriff's news, school news. Basically what you have here. I guess sometimes the news is just slow! That could be a good thing.