Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Botetourt firefighters wary of new post
Roanoke Times
In Botetourt County controversy has smoldered for months between several of the county's seven volunteer fire departments and county officials. Embers linger in some quarters. Reconciliation of some sort has doused conflict in many ...

Franklin County supervisors eliminate county vehicle decals
Roanoke Times
Roanoke, Botetourt and Montgomery counties, the towns of Vinton and Christiansburg, and the city of Roanoke are among those that have done away with the decals in recent years. Supervisors also approved $922853 in funding to remove asbestos and ...

 Many trying to enjoy snow before it all melts
"We're enjoying it while we can because the sun is coming out and we're not going to be here too long," said Roger Beatty of Botetourt County. By mid-afternoon temperatures were in the 40's and the hill behind the school turned into a muddy mess.

Power hungry: Crews scramble to restore electricty to the region's residents
Roanoke Times
Monday night, Appalachian Power's website listed about 2400 total outages across Roanoke and Roanoke County; 1400 in Giles County; 438 in Montgomery County; 230 in Pulaski County; 200 in Bedford County; and about 100 in Botetourt County.

 People Waiting to Get Power Restored
At its peak, from Botetourt and Franklin Counties west through Montgomery County, roughly 15000 households were without power over the past 24 hours. Hundreds are still in the dark Monday night in the southeastern part of our market, with 700 of those ...


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