Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Business leaving Botetourt County by beginning of 2010
WDBJ7.com - Roanoke,VA,USA
The plant in Botetourt County makes steering parts for GM, Nissan and Toyota.

Buchanan will have to pay more to keep its head above water
WDBJ 7 Roanoke Mon, 13 Jul 2009 13:31 PM PDT
First, they were ordered to boil their water, now - Buchanan residents may have to pay more for it. The town council is expected to vote Monday evening on a 50-percent increase on its water and sewer services.

The Botetourt View: Community news from Botetourt County - Roanoke ...
Historic Fincastle, Inc is planning Heritage Days, which will take place on Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20. The event is sponsored by Historic Fincastle, Inc. and is a continuation of Heritage Days from the summer of 2007 held ...The Botetourt View: Community... - http://blogs.roanoke.com/rtblogs/botetourtview/

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