Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sign-Up for Emergency Notification System


Fincastle - On June 1st, Botetourt County will deploy a new emergency notification system (ENS) to provide swift communication to residents and businesses during emergencies.

The new system will be used to provide official information and directions regarding such events as chemical spills, severe weather, evacuations, utility disruptions, missing persons, terrorist acts, or other emergencies. The ENS can also mobilize responders and volunteers, and notify the public about shelter and treatment locations.

This system will allow officials to notify the community by selecting from pre-defined call lists or by identifying an area on a web-based GIS-mapping system. It can reach populations of all sizes with specific, up-to-the-minute messages on what actions to take in case of disaster even when television, radio or other communication channels are disabled.

The ENS can send communications to landline, cellular, and VoIP phones, as well as TTY/TDD machines, PDAs and email. The system database automatically includes listed and unlisted landline phone numbers. Residents who wish to receive notifications on their cellular, VoIP or other devices or to their email addresses will need to register online at the Public Safety web page: http://www.botetourt.org/government/safety.php.

"We are strongly encouraging our citizens to register their additional numbers and devices on the website so that they can increase the likelihood of receiving a message in an emergency," stated Jerry Burgess, County Administrator.

"The online registration process is user-friendly and takes no more than a few minutes to complete."

For more information, contact
Botetourt County Department of Emergency Services(540) 473-2098

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