Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Road Vacation Stymied

A request to vacate a right of way in Dal-Nita Hills Subdivision led to lots of confusion and head scratching when the Botetourt County Board of Supervisors met on May 26.

Bud W. and Donna R. Mack and Sharon M. Miller asked to vacate the right-of-way and create a new lot line between their properties.

Miller said the right-of-way, which is now overgrown, was once used by folks as a place to park. She said before nature took the property back, she found syringes and used condoms on her property next to the lane.

However Ken Ferris, a landowner whose property has an access off the right-of-way, objected to the preceding because he wants to use the street eventually for access to his land. As a result, the supervisors tabled the issue for 60 days. They instructed Ferris, the Macks and Miller to see if they could work out access issues amongst themselves before the supervisors stepped in with a decision.

-- submitted by A. J. Firebaugh

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