Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LiteSteel starts work in Botetourt
Roanoke Times - Roanoke,VA,USA
The Troutville site offers a rail siding, he said. He acknowledged that the economic downturn and related impacts on residential and light commercial ...

From Botetourt County's press release:

LiteSteel Technologies Initiates Production in Troutville
Troutville - Botetourt County is pleased to jointly announce with LiteSteel Technologies America LLC, the initiation of production at its Virginia facility in Troutville. The new North American plant for LiteSteel Technologies America LLC was commissioned into service last month and is now producing its signature product LiteSteel beam (LSB) a lightweight steel beam engineered for residential and light commercial construction projects.
The $30 million facility in Troutville, Va., just outside Roanoke, is bringing new jobs to the area. Virginia was chosen as LiteSteel Technologies America's North American headquarters based on the excellent logistics, the availability of high quality labor, the specific attributes of the site, as well as the welcoming business environment of both the Commonwealth of Virginia and Botetourt County.
The initiation of LSB production culminates more than two years' effort bringing the LiteSteel beam technology to the North American market. LSB is a patented, cold-formed, lightweight steel structural beam that combines the strength of steel, but with the installation ease normally associated with wood products. Ideal for basement beams, garage beams, long-span headers, roof and ridge beams, and floor and deck supports, LSB has been used in Australia for the past four years in thousands of residential and light commercial construction projects.
The new Troutville, Va., facility is producing LSB in 12 different sizes, ranging in nominal beam depth from eight to 14 inches. LSB's patented manufacturing process gives it a unique profile with a flat, thin web and two fully welded hollow flanges for maximum structural performance in terms of load carrying capacity, bending moment and deflection from the amount of steel employed.
LSB is designed with engineering features and benefits that reduce time and installation costs for builders, remodelers, contractors and framers.
Lightweight LSB saves money by eliminating the need for a crane for installation; is on average 40 percent lighter than equivalent hot-rolled steel or engineered wood beams.
Strength LSB delivers equivalent structural performance in terms of load carrying capacity when compared to hot rolled steel or engineered wood.
Versatility LSB can be cut on a job site with a circular saw and drilled, screwed, bolted or nailed using standard professional tools; is easily integrated with wood framing using standard connectors.
All of the LSB products manufactured in the new plant are now covered by a Code Compliance Research Report. The report certifies that the LSB products are in compliance with the International Building Code of 2006, the International Residential Code of 2006 and the Florida Building Code of 2007. A link to the Code Compliance Research Report is included on the LST website:
The code report includes span and load tables, providing a prescriptive method for building with LSB. When building to the included methods, an engineer's seal is not generally required (always subject to local code and the ruling of the local code official).
LiteSteel Technologies America is a OneSteel Group Company a $AU6 billion major integrated steel company whose shares are listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange. For more information on LiteSteel Technologies America, visit: or call toll free at 877-285-2607.

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