Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Shawn Gibson with a great public land buck
By marktaylor Shawn Gibson of Roanoke County killed this great buck on national forest land in Botetourt County on Nov. 29.The Wildlife - http://blogs.roanoke.com/rtblogs/wildlife/

Photo of Botetourt folks at the Gingerbread Festival

Troutville Volunteer Fire Department schedules Santa runs

Historic Fincastle, Inc. gives Bank of Botetourt an award

St. Mark's Craft Fair a big hit

Diabetic Neuropathy
By Dr. Jennifer Feeny(Dr. Jennifer Feeny) Diabetic Neuropathy is characterized by numbness and lack of feeling in the feet as well as burning and tingling pain that can later develop. It is a complication of diabetes that affects the nerves that causes this condition. ...Botetourt Foot Doctor - http://botetourtfootdoctor.blogspot.com/

By Tanya(Tanya) And one more photo of the parade. Here's the back of the Botetourt County Bookmobile and the emergency vehicles leading the way.Around Roanoke, VA (A Daily Photo Blog) - http://monroega.blogspot.com/

Random Musings
By CountryDew(CountryDew) I walked up and down the streets of Fincastle in them on Saturday and now they smell like asphalt and old apples. *** Every year I lose a pair of scissors. I don't know where they go. Since I never find them again I guess they must ...Blue Country Magic - http://bluecountrymagic.blogspot.com/

By Sophie Speidel(Sophie Speidel) On Friday I will venture south to Fincastle and Camp Bethel, the finish line of the infamous Hellgate 100K. Once there I will nab a quiet bunk bed location for napping, catch up with other Hellgate devotees, eat a yummy pasta dinner ...Shining's Ultra Blog - http://shiningsultra.blogspot.com/

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