Monday, June 02, 2008

Splat Shop Grand re-opening on Sunday
The fans of paintball came out to visit the Splat Shop in Fincastle on Sunday June 1. Owners Billy Draper and Tommy Blankenship of the Splat shop in Fincastle.
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Art party held near Fincastle on Sunday
... The guests meandered through the home of Joyce and Andre Hilliou just northwest of Fincastle gazing appreciatively at art prepared by area artists but particularly artists who had spent time as fellows at the Virginia Center for the ...
The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View -

Why all the helicopters around Eagle Rock?
... Susan Owen of Eagle Rock helps answer that question, by sending us this report:. Large helicopters swooped down the James River and surprised many Eagle Rock residents on Saturday, May 31st. One person watched with fascination as the ...The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View -

Video: Inspired by Angela Tincher
... And in case you missed Saturday's storyon the effect that Tincher's success has had on girls in Botetourt County, you can read it here. Photo: Buchanan Battitudes player Raven Carden (center) balances a bat before Thursday's game in ...The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View -

Jury rules against Troutville podiatrist
... A Roanoke jury has awarded a $3.5 million verdict to a Clifton Forge woman who sued her podiatrist over a 2003 surgery that she says caused incurable chronic pain and the amputation of the front of her right foot.Dr. ...The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View -

By Lauren Ellerman(Lauren Ellerman)
Jennifer Feeny of Shenandoah Valley Podiatry in Troutville, said his client hasn't decided yet whether to appeal the verdict, which came down Friday evening after a four-day trial. He said Feeny's defense argued that she performed the ...Legal Medicine -

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