Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Big-box ordinance put on hold
Roanoke Times - Roanoke,VA,USA
Botetourt County officials decided Monday to wait until June before proceeding with the possibility of creating a zoning ordinance to govern ...

Bridge repairs frustrate homeowners
WSLS.com - Roanoke,VA,USA
It’s on Old Rail Road in Botetourt County. In the last inspection before the bridge is scheduled to be repaired, Senior Bridge and Safety Inspector Mark ...

Moats takes leave at James Madison
GoVolsXtra - Knoxville,TN,USA
The Daleville, Va., native said she transferred to James Madison for a fresh start closer to home. Moats did not have to sit out a season at James Madison, ...

County Wide League has a big day planned for May 10
... Curtis Brown president of the of the County Wide League of Botetourt announced the annual May Day celebration for this Saturday, May 10 at Central Academy Middle School to raise scholarship funds. The activities will begin at 10:00 AM ...The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View - http://blogs.roanoke.com/botetourtview/

Photos from Lord Botetourt's prom
... Lord Botetourt High School held its prom Saturday and our paparazzi photo crew was there. ...The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View - http://blogs.roanoke.com/botetourtview/

How Angela Tincher became a star pitcher
... In it, she talks about growing up in Alleghany and Botetourt counties, how she got interested in softball -- and how her father worked with her to develop her pitching skills. Here's a nice little excerpt: ...- http://blogs.roanoke.com/botetourtview/

Trinity Bike shop raised $550 for the Christian Free- Clinic of ...By Gary and Linda Cronise cooked burgers and... The couple live in Fincastle and attend Fincastle Baptist Church where the Free Clinic is located. We had a previous post about the free clinic on March 31. The lines lengthened when a group of bikers dropped in to help the cause.The Roanoke Times: The Botetourt View - http://blogs.roanoke.com/botetourtview/

6th District GOP Convention Observations
By Brandon Bell(Brandon Bell)
Jim Crosby of Botetourt County lost the Chairmanship race. While more actual people were there supporting Jim, each of them didn't carry enough delegate votes and he was turned back. I doubt this will be the end of Jim and his tactics. ...Roanoke Red Zone - http://roanokeredzone.blogspot.com/

Sam Rasoul's Young Campaign
By Paradox13VA(Paradox13VA) Lastly, we would like to announce the graduation of Nader (my brother) from Lord Botetourt High School, Serena (my sister) from the University of Virginia, and David (campaign's Political Director) from Roanoke College. ...Leesburg Tomorrow - http://leesburgtomorrow.blogspot.com/

Virginia Tax and Rent Rolls: Another Look.
By admin The 1790-1800 Virginia Tax List Census includes the majority of counties. And it occurred to me that the list of those counties not included might be helpful to you:. Albemarle; Bath; Berkeley; Botetourt; Brooke; Grayson; Greenbrier ...- http://virginiagenealogyblog.com

Trail Letter 8: 4/21, 4/22, and 4/23
By blayzen ... has a great attitude and heart, and a playful spirit when dealing with the world. Had some good conversation, but I still prefer hiking solo. Tomorrow’s an into-town day for a resupply — think I’ll be in Troutville or Daleville. ...Blazin' the Trail - http://blayzen.wordpress.com

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